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Will Klose start a professional coaching career soon?

There is a lot of speculation about the future of Miroslav Klose. According to Hansi Flick, Klose would be “an enrichment” for the coaching staff at FC Bayern. Ex-colleague Thomas Müller and a 2014 final opponent are full of praise.

Miroslav Klose’s return to professional football has been paved. As FC Bayern’s current U17 coach, the former world-class striker is striving to take his next coaching steps, and talks have already been held with Munich head coach Hansi Flick about a new relationship.

But his future as a coach does not necessarily have to lie with the German football record champions. The 41-year-old is said to have aroused interest elsewhere in the Bundesliga.

Flick: “Would be an enrichment for the coaching team”

“I have known Miro for a very long time and have come to know him as a very loyal, likeable person with a high level of social competence. I believe that he would be an enrichment especially for our trainer team”, Flick said these days.

“He has to decide that for himself. These are things that are not only up to me but also up to him.” The duo, who celebrated their greatest success together as co-trainers and attackers in 2014 with the World Cup title, could also find each other again at FC Bayern.

The 55-year-old Flick wanted to talk “with one or the other” as well as with Klose. The world championship record scorer himself relaxed recently. “I can imagine many things,” Klose told the “Kicker” a few days ago.

The 41-year-old has been the Bayern-Youth Coach for almost two years and introduced individual striker training at Campus. In the first year, his junior team reached the semi-finals of the German B-Youth Championship. In the currently suspended season, they are third in the South/Southwest Relay Table.

The former teammate Thomas Müller said he could not judge his career as a coach and his work with the U17. But he does mention Klose’s many strengths. “He is very determined, not only as a person. He has been as a player, and he is as a coach,” said Thomas Müller.

“He was very clever in playing sports. One of his strong-suits was reading the game. He didn’t put his head through walls, even though his head was already capable of breaking through walls,” said the 30-year-old in reference to Klose’s header strength. “He was very clever with his running and movement. That helps in a coaching career, of course, if you understand the game.”

Klose’s contract will expire at the end of the season. Klose’s coaching career will be furthered by his participation in the soccer teacher training course this summer. The next training course is scheduled to start in June 2020, depending on the effects of the current situation.

“Anyone who knows me also knows that I always want to achieve the best possible training in my life,” said Miroslav Klose.

Demichelis: “A good and intelligent man”

After his national team career, Klose also belonged to the coaching staff of national coach Joachim Löw at times and gained important experience. He took with him “tactical finesse”, but also the way Löw had “a feeling for players, for cohesion in the group”, as he described it.

“When Miro supported our national team’s coaching team from 2016 to 2018, you could see the interest, passion and expertise for the coaching profession,” recalled DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff during Holy Week. “It’s great that with Miroslav Klose, a world champion is following the coaching path so meticulously and continuously expanding his knowledge,” said Bierhoff.

Klose had already made his ambitions known several months ago. “If I’m going to be a soccer teacher, that must be my goal in some way. But I’m still delighted and happy with my youth team,” Klose had said in the autumn in an interview with the Deutsche Presse-Agentur about possible ambitions as a professional soccer coach.

His former teammate, Munich youth coach colleague Martin Demichelis sees Klose’s return to professional football approaching. “Miro is a good and intelligent man who will also be a professional coach one day,” the Argentinean told Sport1.

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