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“Thiem’s Seven” Tournament Take Place in Kitzbühel

Now it is Dominic Thiem’s turn. Following some of his colleagues that organise tournaments in their home countries, Thiem has decided to do the same. “Thiem’s Seven” match is going to take place in Kitzbühel from July 7.  But there is one significant difference between his tournament and the “Adria Tour” organised by Novak Djokovic (shared in a previous post with you). In the match organised by Thiem, there will be prize money of 300,000. In contrast, Dkojokovic will donate the proceeds of his event to various charities.

Thiem stated that some top international players would participate in “Thiem’s Seven” in Kitzbühel. So far, the French man, Gael Monfils, who is the world’s number nine, has confirmed his participation. Let’s see who else will join in.

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