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Tennis Already Back to Normal?

The Adria Tour has started. Novak Djokovic initiated this unofficial tennis tournament after a break of around three and a half months.

Looking at the tournament lets one forget that we are still in times of a pandemic. In Serbia the sports world is kind of back to normal since the 1st of June. After the corona-related compulsory break, football matches with an audience are again permitted. One metre safety distance needs to be maintained between the spectators. However, looking at the footage of the Adria tournament, it seems that the distance rules are ignored. People in the audience stand close together. Also, the players seemed to be a bit more relaxed on the social distancing matter. Alexander Zverev hands towels to the spectators and hugs Novak Djokovic at the net after his defeat on Sunday. Shaking the opponent’s and referee’s hand could be seen as well, same as ball children who chase the played balls.

The tennis players seemed to enjoy playing tennis in front of a crowd again and looking into the fans’ faces they seemed to have a great time too. 

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