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Ronaldo Loses against Ibrahimovic in a Crazy Match

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Juventus Turin lost 2-4 (0-0) to AC Milan on Tuesday evening, missing out on the opportunity to further distance themselves from the current number 2, Lazio Roma. In the duel between megastars Ibrahimovic and Ronaldo, the hosts spectacularly turned around a 0-2, underpinning their Europa League ambitions.

The game began with little speed and slightly stronger Juve. Milan stood low and rarely got into the half of the opponent. Overall, the first half was unspectacular, and so the score was still 0-0 at break-time.

The second half of the game was quite different. Milan suddenly revealed glaring gaps in the defence and thus allowed the old dame several chances. The Frenchman Rabiot then scored the first goal worth seeing in the 47th minute For Juventus. In the 53rd minute, Ronaldo himself increased the score to 2-0 after a lot of confusion in the Milanese penalty area.

The game seemed decided – for about five minutes. Then the time of Milan began. Rebic first directed a cross at Bonucci’s arm from close range, and according to the video footage, Referee Guida decided on a penalty against Juve, which Ibrahimovic reliably executed (62nd). The goal seemed to have given the hosts new strength, and just four minutes later the substitute Calhanoglu played to Ibrahimovic, who extended to Kessié in the penalty area where the midfielder left two opponents standing and scored the 2-2 (64).

Only a couple of minutes after the equalizer Juve was stunned again: A shot from Leao got diverted so that the keeper Szczesny looked bad, but had little chance to catch the ball. 

Turin built up more and more pressure, but it was again AC Milan who scored in the end. Rebic was the man who sealed the final score in the 80th minute: 4-2. 

Juve still has a 7-point lead over second-placed Lazio Roma, who lost 1-2 against US Lecce, but at least there is still some drama left in Serie A.

The next matches for Juve and Lazio will be quite different. While Lazio is the clear favourite in their game against Sassuolo Calcio on Saturday, Juve will have a tough nut to crack against the strong Atalanta Bergamo

Our forecasts for the two matches are a 3-1 win for Lazio and a 2-2 draw for Juve. What do you think? Get in on the action and make your prediction!

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