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Protest Against Racism in US Sport

The world of tennis is showing solidarity with other sports in the protest against racism and police violence. The wave of protest was pushed forward by the Milwaukee Bucks‘ NBA team who boycotted the playoff duel with the Orlando Magic, provoking the cancellation of all playoff matches in the NBA scheduled for August 26. The reason for the boycott was an incident where an African American was shot seven times in the back by police on August 23. Teams in the WNBA, MLS and MLB joined the boycott.

The organizers of the WTA tournament in New York of that no tennis at all would be played on Thursday. Before this announcement, Naomi Osaka renounces her semi-final at the WTA tournament in New York in protest against racism in the USA. Osaka posted on social media.

Even before I am an athlete, I am a black woman. And as a black woman, I feel that there are more important issues that need immediate attention instead of watching me play tennis. I don’t expect anything drastic to happen to me when I’m not playing. But if I can start a conversation in a mostly white sport, I consider it a step in the right direction“.

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