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Premier League clubs agree to shortened season

Premier League clubs agree to shortened season

According to a report in the “Mirror”, some clubs in the Premier League are to make themselves strong for a shortened season in order to be able to finish the season by 30 June and, among other things, to crown a champion. According to the British newspaper, at least nine clubs are said to have had “serious discussions” about this. According to the paper, they intend to present their position at a summit meeting of the league next Friday and make a proposal as to how the procedure could be handled.

Most of the clubs still have nine matches to play, including Liverpool FC, which leads the standings with 25 points, ahead of Manchester City. Four clubs still have ten matches to play.

The shortened season is better than “great uncertainty and complete chaos”, according to the “Mirror”. Concerns about a possible season after 30 June are said to be raised by players’ contracts expiring on that date and also by sponsors. However, the league chiefs have so far made it clear that the rest of the season is to be played at the end of the season. Allegedly, it will be completed in six weeks from 1 June.

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