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No Vaccine for Novak Djokovic

It seems that the world’s number one does not mind to swim against the tide with his opinions. With the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of different conversations started. In particular, how to return to normal and how to protect us and others are widely discussed. For many, a vaccine against the COVID-19 virus might bring the solution.

But not everybody agrees with that view and even publicly refuses to get vaccinated with it once it will be available. One of those people is Novak Djokovic, who spoke out against coronavirus vaccinations. In a post on social media, he participated in a discussion on coronavirus vaccination and if these should be mandatory for a return to the tennis tour. Djokovic commented with “Personally, I am against vaccinations. I don’t want anyone to force me to take a vaccine to be able to travel.”

Days later and following that comment, Djokovic philosophised together with his advisor Chervin Jafarieh about life in a live video on Instagram. Djokovic made it clear that he believes that even the most poisonous substances can be purified with mental power. In the video, he also talks about energetic transformations and transforming toxic water into water with enormous healing power through the power of prayer and the power of gratitude. He refers to scientists that have proven that the molecules in water react to human emotions.

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