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No Australian Open in 2021

No Australian Open in 2021

Are we going to be able to see the top tennis players at the Australian Open in Melbourne in 2021?

At this stage, it is not clear. The Grand Slam tournament is covered by pandemic insurance which however expires in July this year. Therefore the Australian Open organisers are worried if under the current circumstances the insurance cover is going to be renewed by the insurer. If the insurer of the Australian Open won’t extend the policy, it might be in question if the tournament will go ahead.

At this stage no one can predict the development of the current COVID-19 pandemic and if the situation will ease by January 2021, the regular month in which the Australian Open takes place. The cancellation of games but also matches without an audience, and therefore no ticket sale, would create a significant economic loss for the organisers. To avoid this and to be able to deal with any scenario the organisers seek for a financial model that limits any possible damages in case profits cannot be made, as they told an Australian newspaper.

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