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News on the Australian Open

There is news on the Grand Slam Tournament in Melbourne, the Australian Open. 

As per the men’s tour ATP calendar, the Australian Open will take place from February 8 to 21 2021. This is three weeks later than usual.

Due to the Corona pandemic, there is a two weeks mandatory hotel quarantine which everyone who enters Australia from overseas need to undergo. The usual passenger is not able to choose the hotel himself, is stuck in a hotel room for the full fourteen days with no fresh air breaks and most times no opening windows, let’s see it is going to be the same for the tennis players.

The tennis players participating at the Australian Open are expected to arrive in Melbourne between January 15th and 31st. 

Because of the mentioned strict entry requirements to Australia, the qualifying for the Australian Open will be held in Doha, Qatar. That way, players who cannot qualify don’t have to undergo the quarantine.

The WTA has not published any information on the qualifying tournament yet.

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