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Naomi Osaka leaves Paris

Just yesterday, we wrote about the world number two in women tennis, Naomi Osaka and her decision to skip all press conferences following the games at the French Open.

The French Open organisers fined Osaka as attending the press conferences is mandatory for the tennis players. They also expressed the possibility of Osaka getting disqualified if she does not change her mind. Before the French Open start, Naomi Osaka shared with the world that she won’t be attending any press conferences as she wants to raise awareness for mental health issues of sportsman and sportswomen.

On Monday evening, there is a surprise. Naomi announces that she won’t be competing in Paris any longer and that she withdraws. Osaka made this announcement on Twitter. She also shared that she has been suffering from depression and anxiety, which is why she decided to avoid press conferences during the tournament. However, following the media spectacle on her avoiding the press, she decided to withdraw from the tournament, writing:  “The best thing for the tournament, the other players and my well-being is that I withdraw so everyone can get back to focusing on tennis in Paris.” Naomi also wrote that she wants to take some time away from the court and then work on improvements for the players, the press and fans after returning with the tour.

The French Open’s organisers regret Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal and said, “We wish her the best and fastest possible recovery, and we look forward to welcoming her back to our tournament next year.”

Naomi Osaka is the face of women’s tennis currently. She has become the highest-earning female athlete, with annual earnings of up to $55 million. Naomi enjoys enormous popularity, which she uses to raise awareness for issues that are often publicly ignored. For example, her protest against police violence at the US Open, where she wore face masks with the victims’ names printed.

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