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Max Mosley lost cancer battle

The long-serving boss of the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) Max Mosley lost his battle against cancer at the age of 81, as confirmed by Bernie Ecclestone to ‘BBC Sport’. Ecclestone also said, “He did a lot of good things. Not only in motorsport but also in the automotive industry. Because he made, sure cars were built safer.”

Max Rufus Mosley, born on April 13, 1940 in London, founded the March Formula 1 team in 1969. From 1993 to 2009, he was in charge of the FIA, the world governing body. In this role, he was the strong man alongside Formula One champion Bernie Ecclestone. The duo shaped the racing series enormously and turned it into a billion-dollar business.. It is said that Mosley was the legal brain and string-puller and Ecclestone the salesman of the duo.

During his time at FIA Mosley became a champion of safety on racetracks and in road traffic. He felt responsible for persuading FIA to support more demanding crash and safety testing of new cars. During his 16-years, Mosley pushed tirelessly for improvements and the highest level of safety for drivers in Formula 1 and general road traffic.

Mosley also wanted to implement other reforms, which made him less popular in the world of F1. For example, he tried to introduce a budget cap of 45 million euros. As a response to that, the racing teams threatened to pull out and set up their series, and Mosley did not stand for election in 2009.

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