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FIFA Discussing a new Two-Year Cycle

This week FIFA is going to discuss potential changes to the World Cup. The discussed topic will be mainly about a possible new two-year cycle.

A proposal from the Saudi Arabian federation to “conduct a feasibility study” on the two-year cycle is on the agenda of the plenary meeting of the 211 FIFA members at the Congress of the world governing body on Friday. The study should also include the research of the effects of a shortening of the World Cup rhythm for women.

The idea of shortening the rhythm was already raised by the South American continental association Conmebol at the end of 2018. However, designing the international match calendar seemed too challenging. Let’s wait and see if FIFA is ready to tackle the challenge this time. If so, it might take a while, though, to implement the new two years rhythm.

The upcoming World Cup will be held at the end of 2022 in Qatar. The 2026 finals have already been awarded to the USA, Canada and Mexico as well.  In the summer of 2024, the European soccer championship will be played in Germany.

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