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European leagues about to restart?

EU leagues update

After the coronavirus standstill: This is what is happening with Bundesliga, Premier League, Serie A and La Liga.

The Bundesliga hopes to get the green light for a new start to the season next Wednesday. The other major leagues are also waiting for a date.

In the top international leagues, a restart before empty ranks is already being planned. The main reason: the high TV funds that ensure the clubs’ survival.

Bundesliga awaits decisions on 6 May

The Bundesliga originally planned to start on 9th May. However, this plan was rejected. A decision will now be made coming Wednesday. Then the federation and the league will present their concepts to the sports committee of the German Bundestag. The goal: a new start at the end of May.

Most clubs in the Bundesliga have already started training in small groups weeks ago. The size of these groups depends on the requirements of the respective federal states.

The starting position of the Bundesliga is exciting. Nine rounds before the end, Bayern Munich is four points ahead of Borussia Dortmund. One point behind is RB Leipzig.

Can Liverpool secure the title?

In the English Premier League, 8th June is set as a realistic starting date. The next meeting of the clubs took place today, Friday.

The Premier League meeting ended without a decision. However, the plan for the end of the season is beginning to take shape. The clubs reaffirmed their common goal of finishing the season, which was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to media reports, this should happen in a few selected venues without an audience.

This is on condition that politicians and health experts give the green light.

First clubs like Arsenal have already opened their training grounds for individual sessions. According to the “BBC”, today there is also a debate about whether the games will be held on training grounds or in neutral stadiums.

From a sporting point of view, a sequel is likely to benefit Liverpool FC in particular. The Klopp team leads with 25 points ahead of Manchester City. The title is now only a formality.

Protests against restart in Italy

Italy, badly shaken by the corona crisis, has announced a first loosening of restrictions, which also affects football. The Serie A clubs will be allowed to train again on 18 May. The federation and league insist on a continuation of the championship – with ghost games.

In another video conference last Friday, all the clubs again spoke out in favour of a continuation. It is in the nature of things that the league wants to play. “It would be against our nature to say the opposite,” said Serie A boss Paolo Dal Pino. All the clubs would support this position by now.

In the days before, however, there were also critical voices. In order to get the twelve open days of play through, they would have to start in June. Several clubs initially protested publicly against the plans to continue. “I am prepared to lose every game out of respect for the dead,” said Brescia president Massimo Cellino.

In sporting terms, serial champion Juventus is in the lead. But pursuer SS Lazio Roma is only one point behind.

Spaniards must wait longer

The longest wait for the fans is likely to be in La Liga. In Spain, health minister Salvador Illa is ruling out a quick restart. “It would be reckless to say now that professional football will be back before summer.”

Messi and Co. are eagerly awaiting the government’s first relaxation measures. In Spain, there is still a strict curfew.

For league leader Javier Tebas, it is clear that the season must end. Otherwise, the league is threatened with massive financial losses. There is probably no way around ghost games in Spain either.

An exciting duel between the league giants is raging in the standings. Barca is two points ahead of rival Real Madrid.

In France, the championship has already been cancelled. The Ligue 1 crowned championship leader Paris Saint Germain.

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