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England’s ex-national goalkeeper Bonetti deceased

English football mourns the loss of its former national goalkeeper Peter Bonetti. He played a total of seven international matches for the English national team. Now the former Chelsea goalkeeper Peter Bonetti has passed away after a severe illness. 

The goalkeeper, who played in the Three Lions’ goal in the quarter-finals against Germany (2:3) at the 1970 World Cup, died on Easter Sunday “after a long, serious illness” at the age of 78. His former club, FC Chelsea, called Bonetti “one of the greatest players in the club’s history” and expressed “deepest sympathy and condolences” to his relatives.

Bonetti gained fame partly because of the duel against the German national team at the World Cup in Mexico. At that time, he replaced Gordon Banks, who had fallen ill, and scored three more goals in a 2-0 win for England. This seventh international match was also Bonetti’s last.

He had also been part of the English squad at the 1966 World Cup in England. However, because Bonetti was not playing at that time, he did not receive a gold medal after winning the Three Lions title. It was only in 2009 that he was presented with the medal following a petition from the world governing body FIFA.

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