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Dominic Thiem: “No one read the entire interview I gave”

After speaking out against the top 3 tennis players’ plan to raise funds and to donate the money to the low ranked player, Dominic Thiem had to stand up to his opinion again. In an interview with “L’Équipe”, he criticised that people have not read the whole conversation. Otherwise, they would have understood that he is willing to support the ones affected by the COVID-19 virus severely.

However, he wants to make his own decision who to help. Thiem also does not think that tennis players are that severely affected; he would instead support other organisations. Thiem feels mistreated. “The problem is that no one has read the whole of my interview“, and yet there would have been headlines about his statements: “That was simply unfair”. Thiem is sure that his interview wouldn’t have taken on such proportions if “people had read through the whole interview.”

He clarified in the interview with L’Équipe that he did not talk about all tennis players that might miss a professional attitude and that indeed “there are many players who deserve to be supported and do their best“. However, he then reiterated his criticism of some tennis players. In particular, those that play futures for seven to ten years and still do not act like professionals were the target of his criticism.

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