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Players’ charity or not? That is the question…

Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal started the discussion on initiating a fund to support lower-ranking tennis players in the corona crisis. The plan is to raise $4 million. The money is supposed to be distributed to players in the 250 to 700 world rankings. According to the project, the top 100 players in the ATP rankings would contribute around one million dollars, with top 5 professionals donating 30,000 dollars and the players behind them slightly less in descending order. The first tennis player publicly criticizing the plan was Dominic Thiem, we informed you about that in an earlier post. Now Thiem gets support from other players. Aussie tennis legend Lleyton Hewitt took the Austrian’s side and used James Duckworth (ranking on 83) as an example for his argument, that just because of a high list ranking, not every player has made big money and could build essential savings.

Based on James’s ranking he is expected to donate $5,000 or $10,000 to players outside the top 100, even though James is not making any money right now. The Argentinian player, Guido Pella does not agree with the plan of the Big 3. Rather than giving his money to other tennis players, he would prefer to support people that really need it. According to his interview with a radio station, he also mentions that tennis players are not really starving or dying and that there are people in his city that suffer much more than the tennis players ranked on 250 to 700. Pella also questions the donation system. There are players in high world rankings because of a good start into the year. However, that does not necessarily mean that because of that ranking the player’s financial situation is great. Pella mentioned Christian Garín as an example who is on rank 18 right now. According to Pella’s, Federer, Nadal and Djokovic should not compare to other players as they already made millions throughout their careers, but not every player is in the same position.

Pella has also questioned the plan on the payout. According to ATP’s and the big 3 plan, players outside the top 100 should be eligible to get some money out of the fund. He used Jack Sock as an example who is outside the top 100 at the moment but who earned 10 million dollars in earlier times. The question is then, is it fair that a player like Sock would receive a part of the money? We will leave it to you to provide an answer…

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