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EURO 2020

Confirmed: UEFA EURO 2021 will be EURO 2020

UEFA has confirmed that the final round of the European Championship, which has been postponed until next summer, will continue to bear the name UEFA EURO 2020.

After a comprehensive internal evaluation and in-depth discussions with the partners, the UEFA Executive Committee has decided that the postponed European Football Championship finals will continue to be called UEFA EURO 2020.

This will allow UEFA to retain the tournament’s original format as an anniversary celebration of the 60th anniversary of the European Football Championship (1960-2020). Moreover, the name will then serve forever as a reminder of the football family’s united response to the extraordinary circumstances of the COVID 19 pandemic and the difficult situation facing Europe and the world in 2020.

This decision also takes into account UEFA’s commitment to organise a sustainable tournament by not producing additional waste. At the time of the postponement of the tournament, a lot of branded material had already been produced, which would have had to be destroyed and re-produced in case of a name change.

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