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Collapse of income in tennis?

The tennis season 2020 is interrupted due to COVID-19. This interruption has not only an impact on us, the tennis fans who cannot watch the Wimbledon or other tournaments, but it also has a massive effect on the tennis players earnings. Some matches won’t be postponed, which means the tennis players won’t get any prize money out of it. But hey, luckily they have some savings they can rely on as well as some sweet sponsor deals that will help them to get through this.

Just the earnings of 2019 should allow them to live a comfortable life despite the cancelled games. Let’s have a closer look at those numbers from only 2019.

No surprise there, the number 1 is our Roger. Roger Federer received prize money of $7.4 million, and his sponsor deals made him $86 million, which brings us to a total of USD 93.4 million. 

Number 2 is Novak Djokovic with total earnings of $50.6 million. With $20.6 million Novak earned more in prize money than Roger. However, his endorsements filled his wallet with ‘only’ $30 million.

Many would expect Rafael Nadal to be number 3. However, those people are wrong. The bronze medal in terms of 2019 earnings goes to Kei Nishikori with $4.3 million in prize money and $33 million in sponsor deals. Even though Rafael Nadal made $9 million in prize money, his endorsements with Nike, Kia Motors and other brands brought him with $26 million less cash than Kei. So it’s rank 4 for Rafa.

After all the males it is now time for a female tennis player on rank 5. Serena Williams earned a total of $29.2 million in 2019. $4.2 million in prize money and $25 million for her deals with brands like Nike, General Mills, Pampers. Serena is the female athlete with the highest earnings.

Rank 6 is the next female tennis player. Naomi Osaka earned through her sponsors ($16 million) and prize money ($8.3 million) a total of $24.3 million.

Naomi is followed by the German player, Alexander Zverev, with a total earning of $11.8 million. $5.5 million in endorsements and $6.3 million thanks to his wins.

Simona Halep is on rank 8 with prize money of $6.2 million and $4 million in endorsements.

Angelique Kerber earns $2 million more in sponsor deals than Simona. However, she received less price money. In total, she earned $11.3 million.

Rank 10 goes to Sloane Stephens with total earnings of $9.6 million. $4.1 million prize money and $5.5 million out of endorsements.

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