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Coach of Tottenham Hotspur Fired and Paid 23 Million

JAs confirmed by the Premier League club on Monday, José Mourinho was fired as coach of the traditional English club Tottenham Hotspur. It seems that the recent negative series left the bosses no choice.

In addition to Mourinho, his assistants Joao Sacramento, Nuno Santos, Carlos Lalin, and Giovanni Cerra must also leave the club. For the time being, ex-professional Ryan Mason takes over the role of the coach. 

José Mourinho, who took over the team in November 2019, might collect a severance payment of the equivalent of 23 million euros for terminating his contract, according to the “Daily Mail”.

On Monday, Mourinho gave an interview to “Sky” and said that he sees “no need” for a break as coach and team manager and that he sees himself “always” in the soccer business.

The boss of the traditional English club Tottenham Hotspur Daniel Levy said at the farewell: “José and his coaching staff have been with us during one of the most difficult times the club has ever experienced. He is a true professional who showed tremendous resilience during the pandemic. Personally, I enjoyed working with him and regret that things didn’t work out the way we both envisioned. He will always be welcome here. We would like to thank him and his coaches for their contribution.”

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