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Barty and Rafter support Healthcare Workers

In times of Corona and with major tennis tournaments being cancelled or postponed, Australian tennis stars Ashleigh Barty and Pat Rafter wanted to show solidarity with medical staff. To show their respect and to say thank you to the medical staff’s hard work, the two tennis stars played a show match on the helipad of the Royal Hospital in Brisbane.

Following the game, Barty and Rafter took a tour of the hospital’s ward, where COVID-19 patients are treated. The hospital in Brisbane handles most of the corona cases in Queensland.

Barty was amazed by the tour. She said, that it was great to get an insight into the work of the people working at the frontline, who fight for our safety and the safety of society. 

Rafter, who won the US Open two-times, found it interesting to meet the medical staff and to get an insight in their work and how they deal with it.

The hospital director was thrilled by the gesture of the two superstars. “That was extraordinary. The people here are working like slaves these days. So it’s good to take your mind off it for five minutes. There are many fans of Ashleigh and Pat here, so it was fantastic” said David Rosengren.

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